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Most people assume that once they put up a website with some content in it, traffic would start pouring in from the SERPs. The No.1 reason why online businesses fail is that they do not have a sound content strategy. Some do have a content strategy but that is crushed by the complicated CRM and other digital marketing tools that they use.

Let’s face it! While taking your existing business online has never been easier than it is in 2020, growing it and turning it into a profitable source of income is just the opposite. The biggest challenge when it comes to running a profitable online business is to manage your customers. After all, online businesses thrive on how you establish and maintain a customer base. If you do this well, then converting leads into clients becomes much easier. 




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So, to run your business profitably, you need to maintain excellent customer relationships, which requires time and resources. As a small business, hiring the services of highly specialized Sales Professionals and customer relationship experts may not be a financially viable option. So, the only other way to power up your business is by making use of technology. If you are wondering how you can do that, then hang around until the end.

In this Hubspot review, we will tell you how you can do that with Hubspot and what makes it the best CRM software in 2020. By the time we are done, you would agree that this free CRM for small businesses is super easy and highly resourceful. Let us now look at how Hubspot can help you skyrocket your sales. 


What is Hubspot CRM?

Hubspot is a Marketing Automation Software Service provider that offers several tools to manage advertisements, enable live chat, increase engagement and generate more leads. All these tools are designed to make it easier for businesses to sell their products or services. However, in this Hubspot review, our focus would be on the Hubspot Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. This free CRM for small businesses makes it easier for the Sales and the Business Development teams to effectively communicate with their clients. 




In the simplest words, this free CRM for small businesses lets the sales and marketing professionals store and classify their contacts. These could be clients, potential customers, etc… Businesses involved in online retail, often run offers and campaigns on various platforms using multiple landing pages. The Hubspot CRM allows these businesses to classify their communication with potential customers through a single dashboard.

Also, it allows the user to keep track of the communication that they have had with each prospect. Since it does not require the user to make any major changes to the business’ existing workflow, it is the best CRM Software in 2020, which is loaded with all the features required to take your business to the next level. 


Is Hubspot a free CRM for small business?

Yes, Hubspot CRM is absolutely free and that’s how the makers intend to keep it. So, when you sign up for this tool, you do not start a free trial, instead, you can use it for free as long as you wish to. The unique feature of this free CRM for small businesses is that you can add unlimited users, absolutely free of cost. Also, you can store up to one million contacts with this free CRM. For small businesses, that’s more than enough to manage contacts, offers, and forms effortlessly.

Let us now explore some of the most striking features of this marketing automation software. 




Capture Leads from your website’s Forms

Forms are the key to lead generation, and these are everywhere — on your website, landing pages, social media, etc… To pull out this data and to use it effectively, you need to make use of expensive and complex campaign databases. Well, not anymore! In this Hubspot review, we would like to emphasize on how convenient it becomes to manage campaign databases with Hubspot’s WordPress Plugin.

With Hubspot’s WordPress Plugin, you can directly use the contact details such as email IDs of those who fill the form on your website. That’s because the details are directly added to your Hubspot Contacts. So, there is no need for you to add them to your address book manually and then use other tools to import them into spreadsheets. You can directly shoot emails to these leads, which are automatically added to your Hubspot contacts. 


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Collaborate with your Team

During the initial set up, Hubspot asks you one very important question — The total number of employees that your organization has. You can then enter the corresponding data and collaborate with your team on Hubspot. So, there is no need to use another tool to do this. Plus, you can also set reminders for your team members and track upcoming tasks, which eliminates the need to use yet another tool like Trello, to allocate work. 




So, if you have been using Trello to do this, then forget the cards at least to the extent your Sales team is concerned. You can easily collaborate with them through this free CRM. Now you know why we call it the best free CRM for small businesses. Besides allocating work, the Hubspot CRM also lets you manage teams more efficiently, which is useful for small businesses with remote employees. This saves up the time spent on exchanging emails and thus, increases productivity.


Track Activity

You can track the activity of every potential customer by using the Hubspot CRM. As soon as someone fills in the form, not only is that person added to your Hubspot Contacts list, but you can also keep a tab on that prospect’s activities. For example, you can check how many times a potential client has visited your website and more. These insights tell you who is truly interested in your product and who isn’t. 




It is quite evident that if someone is visiting your website time and again, then they are keen on buying your product or service. So, you can then make calls or some other type of personalized communication to turn them into customers. For the rest, you could continue to shoot one of your existing email templates. This helps reduce costs and allows you to run your campaign more effectively.


Campaign-wise Contacts

If you run multiple offers through various ad campaigns, then you know how difficult it is to communicate with these various groups. However, that isn’t something that Hubspot users need to worry about, as your Hubspot Contacts are automatically added to your particular campaign’s list. This works extremely well for those who manage campaigns on multiple platforms.

To pull out a list of leads interested in that particular offer, simply click on the particular campaign. You can then engage these audiences with further communication about your products or services.


Makes Composing emails a breeze 



While composing emails or responding to one of your potential clients, you often find yourself at a loss of words. At this point, there are a couple of things you can do — miss out on opportunities, or use Hubspot, the best CRM software of 2020. Hubspot CRM users always have access to useful resources such as instant access to previous mails, chat conversations and more, which allows them to write excellent emails that instantly create a rapport and increase the chances of conversion.


Campaign-wise personalized emails

Ever received an email with your name in it? Wondering how you can send emails to thousands of leads with their names in it? This free CRM for small businesses makes it easier for you to communicate with all those who’ve subscribed to a particular campaign and personalize the emails using personalization tokens. 




This literally means that a certain value from the name field is automatically pulled out of Hubspot contacts and included in the email. That allows you to mail thousands of users, with their name in the emails.  Starting an email with ‘Hi John’ may seem like a really small gesture, but when it comes to lead conversion, this very small gesture can go a long way. 


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Convert Leads into Customers

The whole purpose of any marketing campaign is to increase the customer base and generate more revenues. Collecting email IDs and shooting emails is an important part of this process, but what’s even more important is to be able to keep track of how your leads are reacting to it. With so many people using fake email IDs and the billions of dollars’ worth ad industry scams, you need to know if your marketing campaigns are truly working. 




Now that’s where this free CRM for small businesses jumps into the picture and takes the driver’s seat. This tool tells you exactly who has opened an email and who hasn’t. With such insights, you can easily know your hottest leads and focus on converting them into customers. As a small business, this helps reduce your costs because you’d be paying your resources an hourly fee, and you don’t want them wasting time and effort on futile leads.


Use Email Templates

If you run a small business and cannot afford content writers to create email templates for you, then Hubspot takes care of that. After intense research, the makers of this free CRM for business, have closely evaluated the needs of small businesses. So, they provide you with readymade templates that you can easily customize. Once you are done, you can save your template and then make use of it while sending personalized campaign-wise emails. 





Track when emails are opened

Check delivery rates and track customer engagement as soon as you are done shooting emails. You can then check who was most interested in your email campaign and reach out to them. We don’t call Hubspot the best CRM software of 2020, for nothing. This CRM shows you a list of your top engaged contacts, with real-time data about how many times a particular lead has clicked on the link provided in your email.


Hubspot’s free CRM for small businesses makes campaign management and communication, much easier and less time-consuming. As Hubspot automatically records contact details into HubSpot Contacts and classifies them for you, half the battle is won. This free CRM for small businesses works extremely well for affiliate marketers, retailers, etc… As mentioned earlier, Hubspot is a free CRM for small businesses, but if you truly want to unleash its hidden potential, then you may want to invest in Hubspot’s other premium tools. 



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