Check out the FAQs to learn more about SaasTrac. If you are planning to start your search or just try to find out more, these commonly asked questions will help guide you in the right direction.


Is SaasTrac free?

SaasTrac is free to consumers as web traffic and marketing incentives are charged by vendors. This platform lists all vendors — not only the ones who pay us — therefore decide on purchasing in the best way.  

We offer the opportunity for each vendor to collect user reviews or showcase their products. The complete list of software, verified user reviews, filter and sorting tools, and articles all are available to help you find the right solution for all your needs. 

Review Verification and Publication

Who determines which reviews are to be published?

Our team of experts inspects all reviews manually to ensure that posted reviews come from verified sources and provide useful content. During the verification process, all reviews are treated equally, regardless of ranking or vendor. The team verifies the identity of the author, searches for conflicts of interest, and reviews the review concerning our site standards during this process.

Does your site publish negative reviews?

Yes. There is no difference in handling one-star reviews from five-star reviews. Like all websites for online reviews, our sites strive to provide a forum for honest discussion between vendors and users of technology. By remaining neutral, they can host a wide range of opinions that help shoppers make informed decisions about software. Thus, for this reason, we do not remove the statement or modify the content for a review. 

Why was a previously published review disabled after being published?

The system of feedback continues to evolve. When we strengthen our processes, as they are flagged by our process, we regularly check previously published reviews. If a previous review fails to meet our current standards or guidelines, our team may remove it.

What are the measures taken if any fraudulent review is found?

If our team finds a review to be fraudulent, it will be removed from our website. In addition, the reviewer will be removed from any outreach campaigns and will also prohibit him from leaving the reviews at our site. If a supplier has been found to have been engaged in fraudulent activity, their account may be subject to potential penalties such as a publicly visible alert of suspicious activity.

Do you need evidence of use when reviewing a review?

While reviewing feedback, we will ask users for evidence of use, but it is not necessary. Our experience has shown that “proof of use” is a valuable piece of the puzzle, but not by itself a reliable source of evidence. It’s just one aspect that we use in evaluating a review among a range of considerations. 

Proving used through doctored screenshots or web search images is a method favored by those looking to scam our system. In addition, with hundreds of thousands of products listed in our database, our QA team simply can not become experts in checking evidence of use across all products. We find “evidence of use” as one of the many things that make up our investigation in our ongoing efforts to treat all vendors fairly.

Does SaasTrac fact-check reviews for accuracy?

Our expert team has analyzed thousands of reviews across our catalog of tens of thousands of products. Our QA team would not be able to become experts on all products equally or spend the same amount of time checking the details of each review. 

We must not test the views expressed by our reviewers in our attempt to treat all vendors fairly. Instead, our quality assurance team is focused on checking reviewers’ identities and ensuring that published reviews comply with our site guidelines. Find out more about our QA system and our Guidelines for Reviews.

When is a reviewer’s software experience not acceptable?

It is not appropriate to have a review based on third-party-influenced user experience. For example, it would not be permissible to review an eCommerce platform based on a shopping experience in the eCommerce store of a third party, as the eCommerce store itself would determine the user experience.

It is also not appropriate to have a review based on an indirect technology experience. Reviews must be sent by the actual software user, not by a third party on behalf of the software user.