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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is said to be one of the best ways used in search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing to improve the ranking of a website. It helps in getting organic traffic to the respective sites.  As the ranking of your site depends on your site’s number of visitors and these tools will help you in knowing them. Indeed, SEO tools are essential for the success of a website.


Concept of SEO

While talking about SEO software, some industry leaders come to mind within seconds. Well yes, we’re all familiar with Moz, and SEMrush and they’ve proved effective. But this doesn’t mean that the younger tools that came to the market a couple of years ago are the worst. Young means enthusiastic, motivated, and innovative.

Need For SEO Tools

If you’re looking for ways to boost the search engine ranking of your website, you need the best website SEO tools! It helps in giving your business an edge over its competitors.

Analysis has shown a revolutionary improvement in your search engine rankings among all the techniques used to research and assess the position of each website. Such specialized resources can solve many different problems like, it helps in getting high profits for your capital as the right tools help you save important resources and leads to a larger profit margin for your industry or business.

Thus, in this Serpstat review post, get a closer look at the SEO tool, its proven features, benefits, etc. But before this, let’s understand the concept of SEO and the benefits of using these SEO tools.

Serpstat: Introduction 


Serpstat is an all in one growth hacking tool for SEO, PPC, Search analytics, and content marketing. This complete multi-purpose tool got developed in the year 2013 as a keyword research tool. After that, it gradually took off as a PPC and SEO analysis tool. Serpstat has the largest database and has nearly 200 million search suggestions, 180 million ads, and more than 100 million keywords. Therefore, competing for the databases of renowned SEO based organizations like SEMrush and Moz.

This tool helps in fetching data from more than 10 regions: Great Britain, The USA, Australia, Canada, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, South Africa, and Kazakhstan. It also helps in getting data from Ukraine, St. Petersburg, Moscow.

Now, as you have some details about this device, let’s bring the usability and features of the software under the microscope to see if it’s worth trying this tool.

Serpstat: Detailed Feature Report 

The main features of this tool divided into 5 main categories –

  1. Site Audit
  2. Website Analysis
  3. Rank Tracker
  4. Backlink Analysis
  5. Keyword Research

# Site Audit

Serpstat Site Audit provides you with a complete analysis of the overall SEO rating of your site, outlining all the errors that need to be corrected to make it work at its full potential.

Meta Tags – allows you to see page title tag, meta description, etc. with low, medium, and high priority errors.

Redirects – allows you to gain the whole set of information about the number of redirects to your site to check if  your site has any inaccurate or fraudulent redirects.

Server Parameters – allows you to display the issues related to HTTP/HTTPS on your site.

Loading Speed – allows you to check and correct errors that affect your website page.

Accessibility and Indexation – allows you to get the pages with flash elements, low word count, canonical tags, etc.

Headings – allows you to see low, medium, and high priority errors on your site concerning headings (h1,h2, etc.).

Links – allows you to check if your data has any external connection issues.

# Website Analysis

The aspect of web analysis divided into two categories,

  • URL analysis
  • Domain analysis

SEO Research – Easily track positions, compare domain to domain, check the opponents, examine organic pages, and also gain tons of keywords for which the websites will rank.

PPC Research – If you wish to increase the traffic to your homepage, then this feature will serve you the best. Simply enter a keyword and get the complete set of related keywords, ad examples, competitors, etc. PPC research feature is the place where users can analyze their competitors and enhance their advertising copies and target a larger crowd.

Infographics – Graphs can be considered as one of the most accurate terms because it provides a variety of graphs for the popularity of your page, search traffic, trending keywords, advertising, etc.

Competitors – Shows competitors along, with their total number of Facebook shares,  as per the entered URL.

URL vs. URL – Have an easy adjacent comparison with a similar URL as that of your own page and get keywords (special or general) based on the listed URLs.

Batch Analysis – Using this feature, you can compare around domains, nearly about 200. For example, if I selected 12 domains, then I can test the key metrics like maximum keywords, traffic estimate, keywords lost, etc. all at once.

Keywords/Positions – Simply add up the URL, and get the complete list of the keywords along with their Google ranking for that URL.

Disappearing Keywords – Provides you the list of keywords that rate competitors’ pages are not in your listed URL.

# Rank Tracker

Keyword SEO ranks also switch. Thus, it is said to be very important to be in the first place in the crowd by having the complete data analysis of the SERPs for the set of keywords for which your site is ranking. These are some of the things which you can get from the rank tracker feature –

Positions – It helps you to see the rank distribution of your page in the search results.

Competitors –  Exhibits the share of traffic between competing domains for selected keywords.

History – Displays the historical data on the location of the domain for the keywords picked.


# Backlink Analysis

This growth hack tool allows you to analyze the linked profile and backlink the profiles of your competitors. Thus, this backlink analysis enables you to discover the strategies of link building of your competitors and allows you to highlight the latest sources that you can use to build backlinks.

Referring Domains – Allows you view your website’s referring domains. You can also see every domain’s Alexa rank connecting over to your account.

Anchors – Anchors – Even today, anchors get linked with the site as one of the most crucial aspects of keywords. With this tool, the anchor cloud feature provides the existing keywords, used as an anchor text that helps in linking back to your respective site.

Lost/New Backlinks –  Helps you can check new backlinks and missing backlinks to the respective accounts. You can also see if the connections to your account are backlinks “do follow” or “nofollow.”

Backlink Dashboard – It provides you with an outlook of the referring domains, sites, maximum indexed pages of your web, referring articles, etc. You can also see trust rank and page rank from Serpstat.

Top Pages – Based on the number of backlinks, you can check out the top pages of the website.

# Keyword Research

Are you looking for the general keywords which you and your competitors are ranking for? Then this keyword research feature will serve you the best. It provides a boatload of new keywords that provides targeted competitors, which you might have overlooked.


These are some of the following things which you can do with this Keyword research feature –

PPC Research –  Provides the complete list of competitors, paid keywords, examples of advertisements, and reports of ad research.
SERP Analysis – Shows you the top 100 results from Google in organic and paid keyword search.
SEO Research – Competitors for the keywords, selection reports, cluster research, etc. these are some of the things included in the keyword selection reports.
Content Marketing – Comprises of search questions that list all keyword-containing interrogative search suggestions.

Serpstat: Intuitive Pricing Plans

Pricing is the place where Serpstat stands out the best amongst all the top ranking SEO tools as the pricing plan of the alternate software is somewhere around $100 per month. Though those tools deserve the reputation and market share to charge a quote like this, if you are a blogger or new to the marketing industry, then the prices quoted can halt you from giving those products a try.

Therefore, Serpstat is said to be by far one of the best! It provides highly competitive pricing plans. A free plan is also available where you can review 100 pages and carry our 30 searches monthly.

The plans offered are broadly classified as Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. You can get a 20% discount if paid on an annual basis and can also gain an extra 20% off with an extra 2 months free with Serpstat Christmas special offer.

Serpstat Lite

When paid monthly, Serpstat Lite costs $69 for a month. For 10,000 results per question, you can make 4,000 keyword queries a day. It allows tracking of 15,000 keywords and access 500 websites a day.

Serpstat Standard

If paid monthly, Serpstat Standard costs $149 a month. For 30,000 results per question, you can make 5,000 keyword queries a day. For your site, you can track 60,000 keywords and search 1000 websites a day.

Serpstat Advanced

When paid monthly, Serpstat Advance would cost $299 a month. With 50,000 results per question, you can make 8,000 keyword queries a day. You can monitor your website’s 150,000 keywords and also visit 1500 websites a day.

Serpstat Agency

When paid monthly, the Serpstat Agency would pay $499 a month. For 75,000 results per question, you can make 12,000 keyword queries a day. You can track your website’s 300,000 keywords and look up 2,000 websites a day.

Serpstat: Outstanding Customer Support

Every great business built on one thing, that’s customer support.

The team of customer care at Serpstat is supportive and offers resource materials, blogs, FAQs, etc. to make you an expert in using this tool. Serpstat Academy also launched that’s a free learning and development center. It provides information from primary to advanced about competitor analysis, keyword study, and other SEO related things at different levels.

Serpstat: Competitors 

Serpstat: Final Words 

After things get done, an SEO tool’s primary role is to show accurate traffic, keyword, and backlinks. The tool’s data will help you drive better engagement and organic traffic and also help you design good content-based strategies.

Exceptionally well, Serpstat does three things – competitor research, keyword research, and PPC analysis. It can use to identify opportunities for new keywords, ideas for content, evaluate PPC strategies, and carry out an in-depth analysis of competitors. It is one of the most popular SEO tools on the market, with plans beginning at $69/month.

Watch the video to know more

Thus, if you are planning to have a pocket-friendly tool with some latest features, then give this tool a try! Signup for free and check out the tool yourself!

If you wish to know more about this tool or have any queries, then drop your reply in the comments section below. I will be happy to answer them.


SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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