OptinMonster Review 2020 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin

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Optinmoster review

Are you looking for the best lead generation software to drive more revenues? Do you want to capture more leads through your websites, landing pages, or E-Commerce stores? In that case, you need to carefully plan your digital marketing tools and find software that can help you achieve this goal. In this Optinmonster review 2020, we will tell you all about this lead generation software and how you can use it to increase your customer base. With this innovative tool, you can quickly turn your existing traffic into leads and finally do everything it takes to convert those leads into customers.

Although best known as a WordPress popup plugin, Optinmonster is a lot more than just that. This lead generation tool allows you to create Full-screen welcome mats, Slide-in bars, Floating bars, Sidebar forms, and several other campaigns. Also, it easily integrates with several CMS and platforms such as Wix, MailChimp, Shopify, Facebook, and more. Let us now explore the core features of this lead conversion software that allows you to create visually stunning offers and capture more leads.

Make every page a squeeze page with 2-step Opt-ins 

Email marketing is a time-tested technique that helps increase your customer base; however, you need to use the right lead capture campaign to achieve that. With Optinmonster, you can easily convert any link or image into a Monster link, and when the visitor scrolls over that, the 2-step opt-in pops up, turning that page into a squeeze page.

The most common concern with email campaigns is the risk of being marked as spam. However, you can significantly minimize this risk by using double opt-ins, which require the subscribers to fill in the form and confirm their consent by clicking on a link sent via email. As the Subscriber voluntarily confirms their consent, there is a higher possibility of converting those subscribers into customers.

Increase customer retention with Exit-Intent Technology 

Before you start exploring ways to boost your sales and increase conversions, you need to find ways to convert your idle traffic into customers. These are visitors who visit your website or eCommerce store but leave without making a purchase. So, they are interested in your product or service but need that gentle push to get them moving. By retaining these visitors and converting them into leads, you can get the most out of your marketing efforts.


For example, during tough times, you can sell your slow-moving stock at breakeven and get rid of all the costs that come with holding these stocks and pull back your initial investment. These are the times when your idle visitor email list can be of great use. These are people who were interested in your offering but did not make a purchase, mostly due to affordability. By offering them steep discounts, you can sell your idle stock without any additional advertising costs and re-invest the amount in the fast-moving inventories.

You can do all of that and more with this lead generation software that lets you take quick actions when a customer is about to leave. It includes offering an invitation to chat with an agent, provide a special discount to encourage purchase, or show a lead magnet to add them to your email list. Speaking of email lists, you can easily integrate any digital marketing tool with Optinmonster. Now that brings us to the next best feature of this lead generation software.

Flexible Integrations 

Just having a lead generation software that is laser-focused on increasing the number of email subscribers isn’t enough. You need something more! Something that allows you the flexibility to hop, skip, and jump platforms without turning obsolete. Therefore, it is essential to have a lead generation software like Optinmonster that seamlessly integrates with various platforms and digital marketing tools.

This flexibility lets you create opt-ins for your websites and eCommerce stores with a single tool, which works out extremely well for both Digital Marketers and Small Businesses. In the case of Digital Marketers, this sort of flexibility is one of the most desired features as they can cater to multiple clients running websites and e-commerce stores on diverse platforms. For businesses, Optinmonster’s flexible integration ensures convenient scaling up. So, if a company ran a WordPress website and used this WordPress popup plugin to start a Merchant Store using Shopify, then scaling up becomes more effortless.

That’s mainly because this lead generation software would work on both platforms — WordPress and Shopify. After all, it is not always that a business would want to stick to WordPress, which, although free, is known to bulk up with time and slow down the website. Moreover, with fantastic alternatives such as Wix and Squarespace, quite a few small businesses have been making the shift. So, no matter which platform you choose to move to, you would still be able to use this lead generation software.


Show your popups to the right audience 

Popups are often perceived to be extremely annoying, which they are but only in some instances. You can also make them a powerful weapon that helps you win more leads, but that may not be possible unless you show the popups to the right people. You may now wonder why you even need to do that because your goal is to increase your mailing list, and the more you keep showing your popups, the more leads you are likely to generate.

Well, that isn’t true, and if you keep showing popups to those who are already on your email list, then there is every possibility that you might end up annoying your qualified leads. Let’s face it! No one likes seeing the same stuff again and again. Moreover, what’s the whole point in showing it up to those who are already on your email list? Now you know the beauty of this tool, which lets you restrict the viewability of the popups. You can show them up exclusively to those who haven’t seen them yet.

Customize popups by Source 


Regardless of the industry you are in, no business can thrive on just one traffic source, and with so many of them, you would have to react differently to each set of audiences. For instance, you simply cannot communicate with your Instagram followers, the way you communicate on LinkedIn, or vice versa. Plus, the leads coming in from Google and Bing need an entirely different approach because these are people who have been looking up for your offerings.

Wouldn’t it be extremely convenient if you could show up different campaigns to those from Google and LinkedIn? Here’s how you can do it with this lead generation software. Optinmonster’s Referrer Detection helps identify the traffic source by creating visitor segments, which serves many purposes.

It gives you a clear picture of which traffic sources are the most profitable and provides useful insights for you to plan the right content strategy. You can use this feature to show up more attractive discount offers to a particular segment as a growth hack. By using such marketing strategies, you can use these opt-ins to generate more leads from any platform of your choice.

Powerful Geo-Targeting 

Popups that aren’t relevant do not generate leads, but resentment among the target audiences. Look at it this way! Someone in the UAE who understands no other language than Arabic may not pay attention to popups with English content. Likewise, if a company does not offer its services in specific countries, then it makes no sense to show up a campaign in that particular region.

So, if you are promoting herbal products in the UAE and the UK, then wouldn’t it be nice if you could show up a campaign with English content to those in the UK and one in Arabic to those in the UAE? Well, you can do precisely that with this highly sophisticated digital marketing tool. Also, you can exclude all other countries and focus specifically on the UK and UAE. It works exceptionally well for eCommerce store owners who sell in particular locations, as it increases the number of qualified leads.

Automate Real-Time Behavior 

You don’t always have to generate new leads to generate more sales, especially if you are promoting digital products such as online courses, SaaS products, etc. It is because there is always a possibility of re-selling upgrades or similar products to your existing customers. This WordPress popup plugin lets you allow discounts on such upgrades or products to the returning customers.

Let’s say that someone has bought a digital marketing course from your website and is already on your email list. Later, you roll out a new course on setting up eCommerce stores, which you wish to promote. In such cases, this WordPress popup plugin lets you offer different discounts to those who have already made a purchase and who are making their first purchase. By providing your returning customers a better discount than what you offer to your new customers, you make them feel valued and increase customer retention.



Optinmonster offers four different plans — Basic, Plus, Pro, and Growth. Each of these four plans has annual billing, so there is no option to pay a monthly fee for it. However, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee. The Basic Plan is ideal for website owners with lesser page views; the Plus Plan works well for growing business, the Pro Plan is for those with multiple websites, the Growth Plan is ideal for mid-sized companies and digital marketing agencies.

  • Suitable for 1 Website
  • Allows up to 3,500 Views
  • Offers List Segmentation
  • Allows you to pull out Simple Reports
  • Allows you to run all Campaign types
  • Suitable for up to 2 Websites
  • Allows up to 15,000 Views
  • It includes all the features of the Basic Plan.
  • More Detailed Reporting
  • Inactivity Sensor to take advanced actions
  • Device-specific Targeting
  • Monster Sounds and Effects
  • Content Locking System
  • Suitable for up to 3 Websites
  • Allows up to 50,000 Views
  • It includes all the features of the Basic Plan.
  • Exit Intent Technology to minimize cart abandonment
  • Pro Integrations
  • Yes or No Forms
  • Monster Links
  • Suitable for up to 5 Websites
  • Allows up to 2,50,000 Views
  • It includes all the features of the Basic Plan.
  • Real-time Personalization
  • Geolocation Targeting
  • On-Site Retargeting
  • Custom Branding


As you may have figured out by now, Optinmonster’s features revolve around helping businesses grow their email lists. Although this lead generation software isn’t as big as LeadPages and some other digital marketing tools, it focuses so much on lead generation that you simply cannot manage your campaigns without using it. While it has most of the features required by small and mid-sized online businesses, the bigger ones and professional digital marketers can always have it as a supplementary weapon in the arsenal.

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