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Do you run an online business that’s growing at a rapid pace? Is your traffic killing your website’s speed? Unless you take control of your website and find ways to improve its speed, your online business could collapse. With Google sticking to its mobile-first algorithm, websites need to be extremely fast to rank high in the search results. So, if that doesn’t happen then your search engine rankings may have to take the blow.

Online businesses — irrespective of their size and volume — thrive on organic traffic that comes from search engines. So, if your traffic is growing at a rapid pace, then you need to find ways to speed up your website. The easiest and most effective way of doing that is by choosing the fastest web hosting service provider and picking one of their highly scalable web hosting plans.

Doing this is inevitable because you can’t keep changing your web hosting service provider every now and then. Also, with time, you would realize that nothing works for a website unless you have a high-speed web hosting that keeps it going. Before we check out some of the most exciting features of this web hosting, don’t forget to check out our HostGator coupon code towards the end of this HostGator review.


Up to 50% Off On Web Hosting


Free Migration and 45-Day Money Back

HostGator is the only EIG company that offers a 45-Day money-back guarantee and free website migration. Yes, all the content that you transfer from your existing web hosting provider to your HostGator web hosting account is absolutely free. However, the free migration is valid only for a period of 30 days, from the time when you sign up for HostGator’s services or upgrade your plan to another, requiring migration from one server to another.

Just in case you run out of the 30 day window period, there isn’t much to worry about. For those who do not qualify for free migration, HostGator’s transfer team does this for a very small fee. However, you may have to wait for 2 to 4 days for the HostGator migration team to do this for you. If that seems like a wee bit too much then you can do it on your own with the help of HostGator’s support team, which is available round the Clock. In this HostGator review, it is worth highlighting the fact that free migration isn’t something that all web hosting service providers offer for free.

Free Security Features

Did you know that the FBI’s most wanted criminal list includes cybercriminals? That clearly indicates that cybercriminals are as dangerous as terrorists and serial killers. As a matter of fact, over 60 million Americans have been affected due to serious cyber crimes such as identity thefts. Now, that makes it extremely important for any responsible online business to implement the necessary security measures.

HostGator completely understands this and in this HostGator review, we could not help but mention the free security features offered by this web hosting service provider. HostGator offers free security essentials like SSL certificate, Sitelock monitoring and Site Backup with all its web hosting plans. Plus, this is something that you really need — both for security and SEO purposes. The free SSL certificate offers 256-bit encryption and 2048 bit signatures.


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Since the SSL certificate runs your website on the HTTPS protocol, it keeps the client-server communication secure. Also, SSL certificates help you earn the trust of your readers by displaying a green padlock in the browser’s URL Box. Moreover, ever since Google has declared HTTPS to be a ranking factor in organic searches, SSL certificates have become a necessity.

The Sitelock monitoring protects your sites from hackers and shoots timely notifications, just in case Hackers inject malicious code into your website or tamper the code in some other manner. This combined with the daily backups offered through Site Backup works extremely well when it comes to safeguarding your data.

Shared Web Hosting

If you run a small business or are about to launch your brand-new affiliate website, then you probably want to keep your expenses low until you start generating revenues from it. So, the best way to manage your costs connected to website hosting is by sticking to shared web hosting plans. HostGator offers the fastest web hosting services when it comes to shared web hosting plans. Currently, HostGator offers 3 shared web hosting plans that you can choose from — Hatchling, Baby, and Business. All three plans offer highly competitive prices and are ideal for businesses keen on keeping their costs low.

Hatchling vs Baby Shared Web Hosting Plans

Coming to the first web hosting plan — the Hatchling plan — we aren’t particularly fond of this one. So, unless you are a digital marketer buying a web hosting plan for your client under very specific instructions, we do not recommend HostGator’s Hatchling Plan.

Although it is the cheapest shared hosting plan that’s priced at only $2.75 per month, there’s a catch. HostGator’s Hatchling plan does not allow you to host more than one domain, which hinders scalability. So, if your business expands and functions across various countries, this plan may not be able to allow you to host multiple country-wise domains extensions. That’s because each domain extension would be counted as a separate domain.

Such online businesses may opt for HostGator’s Baby Plan, which is quite similar to the Hatchling plan, except for the fact that it allows you to host unlimited domains. As it is priced at $3.95 per month, we strongly recommend that you choose the Baby plan. Nonetheless, we do admit that the Hatchling plan may still be okay for small businesses requiring an online presence in a particular region only. All HostGator shared web hosting plans come with a free domain and a free SSL certificate, so even the Hatchling isn’t a bad deal.

Hatchling Shared Hosting Plan

  • Starts at $2.75 per month
  • Can Host 1 Domain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain for 1 year
  • Free Migration

Baby Shared Hosting Plan

  • Starts at $3.95 per month
  • Can Host Multiple Domain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain for 1 year
  • Free Migration

Business Plan

When it comes to shared web hosting, you may have heard countless horror stories about blacklisted neighbors on the same Server. To overcome this, HostGator’s Business plan offers all the good stuff that the Baby plan does, plus a free dedicated IP. Also, you get free SEO tools which can prove to be beneficial, if used well. The Business plan is again priced reasonably at $5.95 per month.

  • Starts at $5.95 per month
  • Free SSL certificate with an Upgrade Option
  • Dedicated IP
  • SEO Tools
  • Free Domain for 1 year
  • Free Migration

Cloud Web Hosting

Ranked within the Top 10 web hosting companies, HostGator is undoubtedly one of the fastest web hosting service providers. However, to take the speed to the next level, we recommend that you invest in its cloud web hosting plans that start from $4.95 per month. Although we stick to recommending that you pick web hosting plans that allow you to host multiple websites, the final decision depends on several other factors.

While choosing a cloud hosting service provider, the final decision mostly depends on the data center setup, backup, disaster recovery, and management, etc… Considering these factors, we must admit that $4.95 per month to host a single website is quite a bargain. That’s because HostGator is an EIG company and has access to well-connected servers and a highly sophisticated IT infrastructure.


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However, the Hatchling plan gives you access to only 2 cores. By paying slightly more, you can buy the Baby Plan for $6.57 per month and host unlimited domains. Also, you gain access to 4 cores, which is awesome for the price you would be paying. If that does not suffice your needs, then you may try the Business Plan, which is priced at $9.95 per month. The Business plan allows an upgraded SSL certificate, 6 core CPU and all the SEO tools that you need to keep your site going. The Business Plan is the fastest web hosting service offered by HostGator in the cloud hosting category.

Hatchling Cloud Web Hosting Plan

  • Starts at $4.95 per month
  • Allows you to host a Single Domain
  • 2 Cores
  • Free Domain for 1 year
  • Free Migration

Baby Cloud Web Hosting Plan

  • Starts at $6.57 per month
  • Allows you to host Unlimited Domains
  • 4 Cores
  • Free Domain for 1 year
  • Free Migration

Business Cloud Web Hosting Plan

  • Starts at $9.95 per month
  • Allows you to host Unlimited Domains
  • 8 Cores
  • Free SSL certificate with an Upgrade Option
  • Dedicated IP
  • SEO Tools
  • Free Domain for 1 year
  • Free Migration

WordPress Hosting

HostGator offers the fastest web hosting services in the Managed WordPress Hosting category. If you are unaware of what Managed WordPress Hosting is all about, then it is a type of web hosting plan that is perfect for technically unsound bloggers, as it eliminates the need for you to have the technical know-how. So, you don’t have to go through the grind of installing, setting up and updating WordPress manually.

Hatchling WordPress Hosting Plan

  • Priced at $5.95 per month
  • Lets you host 1 site
  • Can handle up to 100,000 visits per month
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain

Baby WordPress Hosting Plan

  • Priced at $7.95 per month
  • Lets you host 2 sites
  • Can handle up to 200,000 visits per month
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain

Business WordPress Hosting Plan

  • Priced at $9.95 per month
  • Lets you host 3 sites
  • Can handle up to 500,000 visits per month
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain

VPS Hosting

For businesses that require enhanced security but cannot afford to invest in a dedicated web hosting, VPS hosting does the trick. The VPS is a virtual slice of a dedicated server that is allocated to you by the web hosting service provider. Although these plans may seem a little too expensive, try using our HostGator coupon code to get a steep discount.

HostGator offers 3 VPS Hosting plans, which thankfully aren’t named after chickens. The three plans are Snappy 2000, Snappy 4000, and Snappy 8000. These are ideal for product comparison websites, e-commerce websites and other advanced projects that cannot afford a dedicated server. Depending on the size of the project and its requirements, you can choose a VPS web hosting plan.

Snappy 2000 – VPS Hosting

  • Priced at $29.95 per month
  • Bandwidth – 1.5 TB
  • Number of Cores – 2
  • RAM – 2 GB

Snappy 4000 – VPS Hosting

  • Priced at $39.95 per month
  • Bandwidth – 2 TB
  • Number of Cores – 2
  • RAM – 4 GB

Snappy 8000 – VPS Hosting

  • Priced at $49.95 per month
  • Bandwidth – 3 TB
  • Number of Cores – 4
  • RAM – 8 GB

Dedicated Hosting

HostGator’s Dedicated Hosting plans’ features are not very impressive, but its pricing definitely is. The Value Server plan starts at $118.99 per month, Power Server plan at $138.99 and the Enterprise Server plan at $148.99. So, if you really are on a small budget, then you could try one of these plans depending on your technical requirements.


HostGator has a web hosting plan for every type of business — big or small. However, you need to make the right choice based on your individual requirements such as the volume of business, markets covered, traffic, etc. As we conclude this HostGator review, we would like to remind you to use our HostGator Coupon code to the earliest.

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